Historical material from The Good Son

The stories that make up the series are historically accurate in their setting and details, though most of the characters are invented.

In book one, for example, we recreated a propaganda drawing by Évariste Carpentier from 1914 which symbolised the first widely reported atrocity committed by the German Army when they invaded neutral Belgium.

There were numerous all too real atrocities committed after the German Army invaded neutral Belgium. And they included shooting civilian hostages. This drawing depicts the German execution of civilians in Blégny. This is a town in eastern Belgium near Liège. The 16th RI of the Imperial German Army only 2 days after launching the invasion reached Blégny (April 6). They shot 19 civilians and destroyed 40 houses, the first widely reported German atrocity–the beginning of what became known as the ‘Rape of Belgium’. This was a well documented action because the Germans did it in front of a church while the people of the town watched. Even worse, however, was that the German Army seized the civilian food supply. Had America not mounted a massive relief operation, the Belgians would have starved.