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about Book One - The Good Son

You have really done some serious groundbreaking work here. I am deeply impressed about the whole thing. The modelling, the setup and environments surrounding the soldiers, the lighting and photography (and especially the candle lighting in the barn and the night shots), the small details that creates the perfect mood like the feeling of morning with the woman standing in the doorway pouring out a bucket. It´s all perfect! I love the way the story is told, with the jumps back in time and all. I had almost the same kind of feeling as I do when watching a movie, the way the story is presented. The way the characters are introduced to the reader through dialogue is a very nice way to get to know them. I think the story will appeal to both the “ordinary reader” and to those who have some insight into model building, and I'm sure everyone will marvel over the fantastic displays created in miniature and appreciate the immense amount of work you must have put into just the modelling alone. Congratulations on this absolutely stunning novel!

Einar Haugland
Einar Haugland Norway

I have seen your images over time and have always been amazed at your artistry and attention to every detail. Seeing them all come together telling this incredible story of the cost of war is almost overwhelming. In your images and your narrative you speak truth that is sometimes difficult to hear about war... its violence, its pain and suffering, the heartbreak of lost and wounded lives of men and women who all just wanted to do the right thing on all sides, no matter their country. Your book tells us most of all about the humanity we share with all nations of the world. Oh, that men would learn that war is not the answer, but mankind is flawed at best, and history shows that war is always with us. The price is always higher than anyone ever thinks it will be. Your novel is beautiful. It makes me stop to remember the generations of lost lives, and even though life does go on after such events, it is so important to recognize that everyone who has ever been born has value. How heartbreaking it is especially when those lives are cut short because of the decisions of their fellow man. So much to think about! Your novel is so powerful. I thank you.

Carolyn Vollmert
Carolyn Vollmert USA